Arpek is an integrated HPDC parts provider that delivers unique designed creative solutions to improve global value focused competitiveness of its' customers.

"Diverse Expertise to Common Values"

We are over 180 people strong, meeting the needs of our customers around the globe. We operate with a set of three core values that guide every Arpek employee every day, through all of our processes, initiatives — and with every customer interaction. We are customer focused and work diligently to meet your needs. We believe in teamwork and work together to achieve success. And we are driven by integrity of synchronized engineering, continually striving to develop new and better solutions.

"Lean Structure"

Arpek, High Pressure Die Casting-HPDC- foundry, is located in Gebze-Kocaeli, in the heart of Turkish Automotive Parts & Components Manufacturers Industry Zone (T.O.S.B.) within one-hour drive to Atatürk International Airport and ten minutes from Sabiha Gokcen (SAW) Airport.

Arpek, founded in 2004 as a part of Group Company, is specialized in HPDC.

As a family owned, medium-sized company operating as a research and development partner for its customers, Arpek is much aware of the importance of a consistent high level of quality and reliability.

Lean structures and efficient decision making processes contributes us into being, flexible partner for the automotive industry.

Arpek is the die-casting company that uses Integrated Casting and Machining solutions in Turkey, and has been leading the aluminium foundry industry since then. With its outstanding HR, all experts in their specialist areas, the company’s alloy Arpek11, tool and method engineering expertise is unique within the industry.

A state-of-the-art plant with a high degree of robotic automations facilitates the production of complex series and also enables the quick delivery of HPDC parts.

"Creative Technology Focus"

Arpek provides cost effective integrated solutions with an extensive knowledge on HPDC.

Through in-house research, development, die design, die production, simulation and engineering capabilities, Arpek offers creative technology focus.

Arpek is credited as a world-class HPDC development partner by its customers.

HPDC is the core area of expertise at Arpek. Our company is not only masters all the standard best process practices but it also invents new ones.

We supply our global customers from our production facility at Çayırova-Kocaeli, Turkey.

"Do it right at the first time"

Arpek continuously improves quality in order to guarantee reliable products, process and service with cost effective solutions.

Arpek is certified according to the quality standard of IATF 16949.

“Preserve natural resources and use them most efficiently”

As Arpek, our first priority is to realize our activities to minimize resource consumption with continuous improvement philosophy, to reduce waste and to take measures to prevent environmental pollution and to comply with legal and compliance obligations, due to our respect for the nature and environment we live in.

Arpek is certified according to the environmental standard of ISO 14001.

"5.000 tons"

Arpek has capacity to cast annually over 5.000 tons aluminum. Arpek offers comprehensive machining and assembly capabilities. With these capabilities, we are able to supply from "ready-to-install" product range up to complete modules.

"Sustainability needs competitiveness and effectiveness"

Typical industry efforts to improve the die casting quality focus only on the die casting machine process technology. However, a more advanced, reliable die casting machine is still no guarantee for efficiency and quality. That’s why Arpek takes an "All in One Approach" to the process. Our development team considers every phase. From simultaneous engineering through part development and die casting cavity design, to melting treatment, casting, machining and assembly process through to "All in One Approach".

"Efficiency made by Economical Process"

HPDC is an efficient and economical process offering a broader range of shapes and components than any other manufacturing technique. Computer based control of the shot profile (Real time technology) allows us to realize component features that opens completely new horizons in design. Optimum use of the material/performance ratio allows for an efficient and ecological die casting process. Thanks to a correct calculation and optimum advance casting simulation with MAGMA SOFT®, less casting pressure is required than with standard traditional processes. This has a positive effect both on the die life and the die casting machines.

Some of the advantages:

High Speed Production

Dimensional Accuracy and Stability

Strength and Weight

Multiple Finishing Techniques

Simplified Assembly

"Extensive development competence"

Arpek is nominated as a development partner for a large number of high-status projects in the automotive industry. Our engineers collaborate with customers from the start of the project to bring Arpek extensive development competence. However, in order to remain ahead of the market, Arpek conducts its own R&D projects.

This brochure can only offer a general overview of Arpek’s range of services. Please contact us if you require more detailed information. We would be pleased to advise. Alternatively, please visit us in T.O.S.B Çayırova-Turkey.


"Integration produces process efficiency through service by added value"

  • Integrated cooperation is the basis for a utility-oriented supply chain management system in which Arpek provides its partners added value by virtue of its strengths in operations.

  • Downstream processes such as impregnation, Surtec coating, vibration deburring, shot blasting, CNC processing, washing and assembling complete the process and supply chain. As a full-service supplier, Arpek can therefore minimize the cost of administration and logistics for its customers and apply overall equipment effectiveness.

  • Customized service for development of material alloys and product processes.

The foundry is equipped with 9 Casting Island for Integrated Production the most advanced and fully robotized equipment.

Arpek produces:

  • Power-Train Components

  • Air Brake Components and Systems

  • Compressors Parts for cars and trucks across the world.

  • We support all well-known OEMs, engine and transmission manufacturers in developing components and in the entire process of designing light weight engineering solutions.

  • The staffing of our development teams is interdisciplinary. Materials specialists and foundry experts work hand in hand here. We do not start only when we get a component drawing from the customer, with our function and system know-how, we contribute to the development with advice from the outset. Our understanding of the challenges of components in modern engines, transmissions and suspension systems allows us to look for targeted solutions. The outcome is especially light castings that are highly resilient precisely at those points where the greatest loads occur in operation.

  • Because every component is different, we also design the data driven casting & machining processes for every component individually. Automated processes with intelligent control loops and fully integrated process data management guarantee the highest possible quality, and that with every casting & machining method used. The manufacturing depth is based on the customer needs. We manufacture from the casting and the subsequent heat treatment to machining parts down to the final dimension, and then testing, washing, coating, assembling and shipping them straight to the line.Our experience in casting and system know-how oriented around the present and future demands of modern vehicle development.

  • Casting Simulation

  • At Arpek, we use MAGMA SOFT® to simulate the pouring and solidification. Our advantage: we are able to set the many parameters quickly and reliably. We need only a few iteration loops in order to design components such that they achieve the mechanical strengths that will be demanded of them in operation later. A cluster computer with numerous processors in the background makes sure that the results of the calculations are quickly available.

  • Engineering Tools

  • Our engineering tools match the development tools that are customary on the market and at our customers. CATIA, Unigraphics, Rapid and simple exchange of data in CAD and CAM development is self-evident at Arpek.

  • As a key competence and success factor Arpek Tool division is one of the largest captive die casting tool builders in the region.

  • Excellent control of design and tool building allows Arpek to get tooling from inception to production and service challenger in the industry.

  • Rapid and reliable translation of foundry expertise, materials and process know-how into a casting die means short development time and fast series ramp-up’s.

  • Our die making center operates across the company and ensures know-how transfer across departments and the quality in die making. Die makers, foundry specialists, engineers and process technicians work hand in hand here to make process-secure large moulds for die and permanent mould casting.

  • Deep experience in casting bring us and our customers to the goal especially quickly. Because that experience puts us in a position to apply the available engineering and simulation tools with certainty. Precise parameterization and only few iteration loops mean short prototype development times, less rework on dies and tools and a fast ramp-up into series production.

  • Thanks to our experience and bundled know-how, we can respond quickly and flexibly to customer needs. In house foundry operations enables a fast feedback control loop between engineering, die making, foundry and quality.

  • Our die shop is certified to all customary standards. Among other things, we operate several high-speed machining centres, milling machines, drilling systems, lathes, EDM machines and a spotting press. In the immediate vicinity of our foundries, we build dies with weights up to 15 tonnes for high pressure die casting with high shot numbers, constant quality and which are built to enable simple and thus fast and cost-effective overhaul. A true competitive advantage – made by Arpek

  • Arpek machining division with 27 machine is in response to customer requests for finished parts.

  • All necessary machining automation with % 80 of references in 10 Robotic Cells.

  • Our multi task option machining automation cells concept involves high-speed flexible machining & robotic equipment’s with combined production lines and highly trained personnel.

  • As a leading development partner and integrity service supplier, we already generate significant added value for our customers with automation solutions. We bring our entire materials and manufacturing know-how into the cooperation – across the entire bandwidth of our unique automation technology mix. with machining and assembly, we integrate ourselves still deeper into the value chain.

  • We provide support in engineering castings and machined and assembled products ready for customer usage and have even been known to transfer complete production methods and processes to our customers’ sites.

  • To get a still bigger share of the value creation process in the future and increase the added value still further for our customers, we are constantly also raising the manufacturing depth for the components and semi-finished products manufactured at Arpek to be a competency center.

  • Our deep process know-how guarantees that the components and modules delivered straight to the line also satisfy the tightest tolerances and that with a 100% good parts ratio. Because by machining here at Arpek, we have the possibility to keep reviewing our processes again and again and adjust them where necessary by data processing. And by doing so keep getting a little bit better and generate still more value for our customers.

  • Impregnation

  • SurTec Coating (Cr+3)

  • Washing

  • Custom designed assembly operations are performed and leaves our products ready to install.

  • X - Ray (HDR Technology Control)

  • 3 x CMM (Touch & Scanning Probes)

  • Spectrometer Optic Emission

  • Microscope and Image Process Metal Microscope

  • Metallographic Sample Preparation Devices

  • Hardness Tester

  • Density Index Device

  • Profile Projection Device

  • Thermal Camera


"Complexity of manufactured parts is our references"

  • Generate value added solutions in HPDC.

  • Complexity of manufactured parts is our references.

  • Complexity in manufacturing is our business.

  • Generate value added solutions in die casting is our reference.

  • Arpek has a clear quality advantage over its competitors, undertaking all the key processes of HPDC products itself based on global competitiveness levels. With experienced employees at all levels, an open approach and a commitment to deliver on promises, Arpek is in the position of a high level of trust with customers.

  • Arpek develops and manufactures the following HPDC products:

  • Power-Train Components
  • Air Brake Components and Systems
  • Compressors Parts
  • AUDI
  • GITS
  • MAN


  • To be preferred high pressure die casted, machined parts and components supplier ready for final assembly by OEM’s and Tier1’s.

  • Sustainable and value-added services for customers.

  • Zero defect mind on the quality.

  • Integrated production supporting lean manufacturing principles.

At Arpek, corporate responsibility is a powerful force guiding our strategies, actions and decision making.

We continually seek new ways to improve our corporate citizenship. We believe that by maintaining the highest ethical standards, embracing diversity and focusing on quality, we can positively impact our customers, our employees and the communities in which we live and work.

  • Arpek effectively manages risks, opportunities and continuous improvements on its processes in order to provide reliable products and services by means of Quality Management System through Arpek Vision & Mission and defined quality objectives that respect Arpek’s interested parties and its context, international statutory & regulatory requirements and customer specific requirements.

  • As Arpek, our basic principles are to be an innovative and respectful enterprise operating in the high pressure die casting sector,

    • To be an organization in harmony with the environmental legislation and administrative regulations in force in our country and to ensure that an Environmental Management System that takes into account Arpek related parties & contexts, international standards, legal requirements and customer special requests is used effectively in line with Arpek's strategies and targets,

    • To evaluate our environmental wastes by using appropriate disposal and recovery methods,

    • During product development, production and field usage; to minimize resource consumption through the philosophy of continuous improvement, to take measures to prevent wastes and pollution of the environment,

    • Ensure that all our employees and subcontractors are responsive to the environment by contributing to the continuous improvement.

    • Arpek Environmental Management System operates according to the ISO 14001 standard, legal regulations and compliance obligations. Arpek has ADR hazardous material activity certificate & IATF 16949 Quality Certificate, ISO 50001 Energy Certificate and carries out environmental issues with sustainability team organization.

    • This Environmental Management System covers the production and services of high-pressure die casted, machined & final assembly ready parts in our factory located in TOSB Automotive Subsidiary Industry Specialized Industrial Zone, lighting system company in the north, chemical company in the east, the truck park in the south and highway in the west.

    • With this Environmental Management System, the important environmental aspects defined by taking into consideration Arpek related parties & contexts & issues and their environmental impacts shall be determined and the harmful effects shall be minimized within the scope of legal regulations and compliance obligations.

  • As a company that operates in high pressure die casting sector and aims to make environmental and economical sustainability by continuously improving its energy performance in all its activities, we are committing;

    • To ensure that an Energy Management System, which takes into account national, international standards and customer specific requests with ARPEK related parties & contexts, is used effectively in accordance with ARPEK strategies and objectives,

    • To be an organization that complies with the national and international legal regulations and standards in force regarding Energy Management, Energy Use and Energy Consumption, Providing the necessary resources for the continuous improvement of the Energy Management System and energy performance in terms of compliance, competence and efficiency,

    • To establish a cycle for the determination and periodic review of energy targets with the aim of sustainable energy, to provide the necessary resources to achieve the energy targets set,

    • Energy; to increase energy awareness throughout ARPEK for sustainable consumption in production stages,

    • To ensure the use of products and technologies to improve energy performance in product development, process design and production processes,

    • To ensure the efficient supply and use of energy-efficient products and services that increase energy performance.

    • ARPEK Energy Management System operates according to ISO 50001 standard, legal regulations and compliance. Arpek has ADR hazardous material activity certificate, IATF 16949 quality certificate, ISO 14001 environment certificate and carries out energy related issues with Energy Management Team organization.

    • This Energy Management System covers the TOSB Automotive Side Industry Specialized Organized Industrial Zone, lighting company in the North, chemical company in the East, truck park in the south, truck park in the south, and high pressure casting, finished & final assembled parts production and services in our factory.

    • Within the scope and limits defined by this Energy Management System, energy efficiency, energy use and consumption are kept under control and monitored with our important energy aspects determined by taking into consideration the related parties, contexts and issues.

    • We, as Arpek, adopt policies and indirect customer specific requirements for the responsible supply of minerals from high-risk areas affected by conflict. These policies require companies to disclose whether the products they manufacture or contract to manufacture contain conflict minerals (Tin, Tungsten, Tantalum and Gold) that are necessary to the functionality or production of those products.

    • As Arpek, we support the rules on the termination of violence and human rights violations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the neighboring countries, which can be financed by proceeds from the trade in these minerals. In this context, we are committed to comply with all applicable terms and conditions.

    • Arpek will work with our customers cooperatively in connection with their conflict minerals programs, and we also expect our suppliers to support us in implementing the necessary conflict minerals compliance programs and in making conflict mineral declarations where necessary

  • As Arpek, we aim to manage all kinds of risks to our business continuity and information assets;

    • Documenting, certification and continually improving our information security management system to meet the requirements of ISO 27001 standard,

    • Complying with all legal regulations and contracts related to information security,

    • Systematically managing the risks to information assets, evaluating all unidentified documents as internal documents,

    • It is our intention to work in an integrated manner with other management systems that we implement in order to realize trainings to improve technical and behavioral competencies in order to increase information security awareness.

  • As Arpek, it is our first priority to protect the health & safety of all parties as our employees, suppliers, subcontractors and guests without any distinction, with the belief that a correct and efficient production can only be done in a healthy and safe working environment.

    In order to realize this belief and priority by creating a sustainable Occupational Health and Safety management system, we are committing;

    • To adopt the principle that Occupational Health and Safety improvement activities are the common responsibility of all employees in order to fulfil all legal and other obligations related to Occupational Health and Safety,

    • To develop methods for continuous improvement of Occupational Health and Safety management system performance, define our goals and create management programs to achieve these goals,

    • To submit the necessary resources for ensuring the continuity of the application, performing internal audits and trainings to achieve the defined goals,

    • To provide an environment for participation and consultation of employees & employee representatives for carrying out the study to create a culture of Occupational Health and Safety,

    • To establish a systematic approach for risk assessment of Occupational Health and Safety in relation to its activities, purpose, size, context and risks in order to prevent injuries, ill health, and to eliminate hazards. To identify and analyse risks, take necessary measures and set goals for participation in risk reduction activities at all levels with the development of opportunities and preventive approaches,

    • To achieve the goal of "Zero Occupational Accidents" by continuous improving of our Occupational Health and Safety culture.

    • Arpek Occupational Health and Safety System operates according to the ISO 45001 standard, legal regulations and compliance obligations. Arpek has ADR hazardous material activity certificate & IATF 16949 Quality Certificate, ISO 50001 Energy Certificate and carries out occupational health and safety issues with sustainability team organization.

    • This Occupational Health and Safety System covers the production and services of high-pressure die casted, machined & final assembly ready parts in our factory located in TOSB Automotive Subsidiary Industry Specialized Industrial Zone, lighting system company in the north, chemical company in the east, the truck park in the south and highway in the west.

    • With this Occupational Health and Safety Management System, it is to identify the hazards and risks to occupational health and safety determined by considering the relevant parties, contexts and issues, and to minimize their negative effects within the scope of legal regulations and regulations.

ARPEK A.Ş. is leader in its sector / field of expertise and operating as one of the leading companies in Turkey on the international area. Since 2004, we have been producing high technology products and serving to international automotive industry.

Since its establishment, "ARPEK Family" has been carrying on and executing its activities in the framework of pioneer, leader and exemplary principles.

The reputation we earn with ARPEK brand and our quality standards, live with our principles and values on our applications.

The "Code of Business Ethics" we have prepared, contains the basic rules that specify the principles and the values we define as "Five D 's of ARPEK" during the execution of the activities of ARPEK. These rules are binding for all employees and stakeholders.


Be Right! Here is the tenth village.

Be Honest! Then you can not fool yourself.

Be Tidy! Then you will not make mistakes.

Be Balanced! Respect and Love are earned by this way.

Become Dynamic! Life is short, there is a lot of work.


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  •  Phone: +90 (262) 679 47 00
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